Frequently Asked Questions (Cayuga Minor Hockey)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why amalgamate with our neighbouring centres?
A. As our demographics continue to change we’re looking for ways to offer the best solutions that will allow hockey to continue to thrive in our community. Amalgamation would help each association offer a hockey program that maximizes player development and fun in part by fielding teams comprised of players with consistent ability at every level.


Q. What centres are being considered to amalgamate?

A. Cayuga, Caledonia, Dunnville and Hagersville are all currently included in the discussions.


Q. Are Cayuga Minor Hockey families in agreement with the proposed amalgamation?
A. In February 2020, we conducted a series of Town Hall meetings to explain the current direction and gave people a chance to ask any questions they may have. At each meeting we held an opinion vote and the result was 95% in favour of moving forward. Once all of the details are worked out with the neighbouring centres, there will be another vote required from the membership of each centre to finalize the agreement to send to the OMHA for approval.


Q. Will the new centre have its own Board of Directors?
A. Yes, the amalgamated centre will have a Board comprised of an equal number of Directors from each centre.


Q. How will amalgamation affect Local League teams?

A. Each centre will maintain their current Local League teams.


Q. Which arena will my Local League team use for practices and home games?
A. The current plan is that all Local League teams will use their own/current arenas for practices and games.


Q. Which arena will my Rep team use for practices and home games?
A. It is intended that Rep teams will play all home games in the same arena and will practice in the same arena whenever possible, but it is likely to have ice time in any of the other arenas. Which arena each team will play in will be determined at a later date.


Q. What will the new amalgamated centre be named?
A. The name, logo and colours (which must be different than the source centres’ colours) will be determined at a later date.


Q. What level will the Amalgamated Rep teams be?
A. The level of the amalgamated centre will be determined by the population of the source centres. For example, if all 4 centres amalgamate, the request would be submitted for it to be an “A” level centre with Major, Minor and AE teams in all divisions. However, the level will ultimately be decided by the OMHA.


Q. What League/Loop would the new amalgamated centre play in?
A. Local League teams of each centre will continue to play in a Local loop and therefore, will have no change in travel.The intent is the Amalgamated Rep teams would play in the Niagara District Hockey League pending OMHA approval. It is the nearest loop with “A” centres to play against.


Q. When will the new amalgamated centre start playing games?
A. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed the target season by a year. Current discussions are actively working towards having the necessary approvals ready for the 2022/23 season.


Q. How will coaches be selected?

A. Coaches will be selected by a committee comprised of people from each centre.


Q. How will teams be selected?

A. The team will be selected by the Coach plus unbiased, independent evaluators.


Q. Will there be a fixed number of Players from each Association on each Rep team?
A.  No, it is not realistic to set fixed player numbers from each Association. Player selection will be based on player ability/skill. This ensures consistency in talent/skill amongst selected player groups and provides for strong/competitive team structures that are fun and exciting to play within.


Q. Will Local League players be eligible to be an Affiliated Player “AP” to the Amalgamated Rep team?

A. Yes, players form Local League organizations will be eligible for AP opportunities.

Q. Will players from surrounding areas be eligible to try out for the Amalgamated Rep teams via the NRP?
A. Yes. As an “A” level centre the Amalgamated Rep teams would be allowed to roster players from outside its territory as “import  players” at U13 and above. The OMHA restricts the number of NRP/Import players allowed per team.

Q. When will we find out if the Amalgamation is approved?
A. The proposed Amalgamation will be presented to the OMHA on Saturday, March 5, 2022. We should receive an answer shortly after that.

Q. If approved to proceed will there be spring tryouts?
A. If approved to Amalgamate and if there is time, we are allowed to have spring tryouts for U14, U15 & U16. It will depend on the timing of the approval. Tryouts for U13 and below have to be in the fall per the OMHA. Tryouts for U18 will be in the fall as well.

We will post further questions and answers here regularly.

If you wish to submit a question, please fill out the Amalgamation Question Form (also found on the Forms tab).